On the Day

Select a wide range of outfits ensuring a variety in colour, cut and formality. Tops and top mixes are more important as a headshot shoot does not worry with shoes or mix and match clothing on the lower half of your body.

Choose clothing you enjoy and bring along a broad range. We will probably only use about 3-4 outfits, but if you can bring a healthy range then we can choose the best that suits the mood on the day. Jackets are great for guys and girls alike and can help with the variety.

General Tips

  • Stay away from busy patterns
  • Keep the colour range as broad as your wardrobe allows
  • A different range of collar and neck styles will help create a different headshot impression

Info for the Guys

I prefer to shoot guys without make-up so if you are an actor don't sweat this. If you are unsure then call me beforehand and we can chat about it.

Try to include collared shirts as well as informal collars and T-shirts in your wardrobe selection.

Shaving - This is entirely up to you. If you want to go for a stubbled look then we can always start like but I suggest that you bring along a shaver so we can clean it up as the shoot progresses to help get that range of expressions and images you want to project.

Info for the Ladies

We start the shoot with little to no make-up and we can build it up as we progress. Ideally stay away from heavy eyeliner and mascara. If you are used to using a strong foundation, then bring it with you but do not pre-apply, as camera and studio lighting can make make-up look less natural than some gentle post-processing of the images.

The same goes for the hair. Simply brushed and combed is best to start with. As we progress through the shoot we can progressively style it to suit the looks and moods we try. If you have long hair will start with it out and free but bring some ties, simple clips and pins as this will often help change face shape.

What Actually Happens

Don't Panic !!

We chat a bit about how the shoot will work,  do some test shots to check the lighting, pick a starting outfit then jump in and have some fun.

I like to show you the shots as we progress so you can get a feel on how the shoot is turning out as well as get some pointers by seeing how your expression comes out in the final image. I try to keep the sessions light and interactive and we start to pick the best shots so you don't have to be kept in suspense before I get the final shots through to you. 

Afterwards, I will run through our selections from the day as well as pick out the better pics before running them through a final retouch process to get them looking the best for screen and print.