My Story

It has been a long journey to this point in my photographic life. I've been making photographs long enough to have had the pleasure of shooting on film in my twenties while running around the Australian bush and in the early years of my children growing up. Film made photography expensive. It is ironic that all the digital gadgetry of today with its associated expense has reduced the cost and increased the accessibility of this art form.

My general photography website and blog showcases my continuing interest in the places i travel to, the natural scenery there and the people at work. There is alot of colour and interest in the world, some of it natural and some of it man-made. Photography helps capture and communicate those moments, feelings and images around us. I continue this exploration with my iPhone through Instagram keeping a stream of street and daily life published. 

So Why Headshots and Portraits !

Making images of people gives me the opportunity to bring out their best. The opportunity to bring true personality through the flat image giving it that third dimension that enriches a normal personal picture into an expression of who the individual truly is. Studying the work of Peter Hurley and Sue Bryce continues to help me go beyond simple lighting and posing to extract the emotion and the connection with the client bringing it onto the photograph, making a work that expresses who they truly are.

As a Protégé on the PH2PRO program I continue to expand and explore my craft with help from mentors at the top of the industry.